Piece of Quiet Studio - offering the art of quiet


Piece of Quiet Studio is a unique space to create sacred time for yourself.  The multi-room space is used for practices that invite silence;  meditation. writing, mindfulness education, and bodywork.  

Services include integrative bodywork, mindfulness education, wellness coaching for stress and transition,  subtle energy therapies and teachings that support your overall physical and mental well-being. 

Courses include foundations of bodywork, advanced practice in oil massage, and survey of meditation and other personal practices.

I also offer a 5 day retreat each fall and each spring.  The theme of each retreat varies, but is designed to give you a half day of grounding and creative connection for 5 consecutive days.  (I create a schedule based on those interested).

|Fall 2017 Classes| 
8 week course, Foundations Course
5 day retreat, Survey of Oberlin's Healing Arts

|January 2018 Classes| 
Half Time WT - Developing a Personal Practice; Survey of Meditation & BodyMind Practices

Half Time WT - Massage Intensive

|Spring 2018 Classes| 
10 week Advanced Oil work
5 day retreat, Breath, Body & Mind 

|Gift Certificates|
To purchase a gift certificate, please contact me, Jill Blake, at 440-935-0019.

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