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| Empty Fields Buddhist Sit |


"Just Sitting" in the Soto Zen Tradition

If you are new to meditation, Soto Zen or want to receive occasional email notifications in the change of sit times, please contact the group's organizer, John Sabin, at jwsabin@gmail.com

Sunday, sit times 
8:30am sit
8:55 walk
9:05 sit
9:30 tea and discussion
10:15 or so end. 
Please feel free to participate in any portion of the schedule.

The first Sunday of the month offers longer sit periods:  
8:30 sit
8:55 walk
9:05 sit
9:30 walk
9:40 sit
10:20 walk
10:30 sit
11:10 walk
11:20 sit
11:45 chant
11:55 end.  
Please feel free to participate in any portion of the schedule

*If you enter after the 8:30am sit begins, please come during the walking meditation.  Then wait for the bells to ring and join the group in the next sitting period.*

| Other Community Sits / Resources |
Visit Solaluna Center for Yoga and Movement to learn about weekly community Metta sits (downtown Oberlin)
Contact OM@oberlin.edu to learn about daily sit times on Oberlin College's campus.
Visit Headspace to find excellent, free guided meditations.
Visit Health Journeys to find excellent, downloadable guided imagery.  Many topics to choose from.
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