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|Services and Pricing|

| Wellness Coaching for Stress and Transition|

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| Integrative Bodywork |
This individualized session provides a variety of bodywork techniques that facilitates your body to release tension and find a deep sense of calm.  Integrative Bodywork pulls from subtle-energy therapies, acupressure, Swedish massage, facilitated stretching.  Clients experience integrative bodywork as an unwinding of tension patterns, especially those started by stress or emotional challenges.  Sliding fee and package pricing is available, please ask when booking your appointment.

30 min  -  $60 
60 min  -  $85
90 min  -  $110

| Subtle Energy Therapy |
These are clothes-on sessions where the practitioner uses hands-off and hands-on techniques to offer deep relaxation.    Approach to Body in this way allows the best of your natural rejuvenating states to support you.  These sessions pull from a number of energy therapies, including Reiki, Attunement and guided imagery, Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch.
30 min - $55 
60 min - $75 

| Pay What You Can |

These guidelines originated from Solaluna Yoga Studio in Oberlin.  

If you choose to participate in this option, there are three things to consider in choosing the right amount to pay:

1) Consider what you can afford.
2) Consider the value of the session or class to you.
3) Consider the providers time and energy. 

If what you can afford is a determining factor, give more weight to that in making your decision.

If the affordability of the class is less an issue or not an issue, give more weight to the other factors.

No amount is too small, no amount is too large. It’s what you feel inspired to pay. If it is helpful for you to have a reference for what a massage session usually costs, you can refer to the fees above.  You can use the Pay-What-You-Can option whether you are a frequent or infrequent client of Piece of Quiet.

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