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|Fall 2017 Classes| 
Foundations of Bodywork and Massage, Sept - Nov
Organizer & Main Instructor:  Jill Blake

The Foundation course meets for 8, 2 hour sessions.  We focus on the core skills found in all forms of bodywork: including Empathy, Compassion, Sensing, Boundaries, Focusing, The Bio-Chemistry of Bodywork, Consent, Healing Touch, and Mindful Attention. As a way of engaging with these concepts in real time, students will learn how to safely give a  full body relaxation massage.   If taking for OC credit, assignments are required.  These include  include readings, podcasts, videos, experiential exercises and writing.  

The cost of the Foundation Course is $200 and includes all supplies.  Textbooks are optional and not covered in the fee.  Sliding fee to reduce cost as a barrier.  Please don't let the price be your limiting factor.

5 day fall break retreat, description coming - stay tuned

|January 2018 Classes| 
1) Half Time WT - Developing a Personal Practice; Survey of Meditation & BodyMind Practices

Jill Blake - Bodyworker - and other community instructors

  • all levels of experience welcome
  • appropriate for teens and up
  • community members and college students welcome
  • OC students taking for WT credit, you will need to secure your own WT sponsor.

We will explore the concept of mindfulness from a variety of body-mind centered disciplines, looking at the common components - presence, attention, the role of mind, the role of brain, the role of body, and connecting personal practice to daily life.

The experience includes workshops and out of class assignments. The workshops include different meditation practices, comparing online tools, guided imagery, body-mind exercises, and exploring "brain" vs "mind". Homework includes short readings, optional book choices for those who enjoy deeper reading experiences, guided meditations, and podcasts.

$250 with sliding fee available for individuals/families on a limited budget. Please don't let the price be your limiting factor.

2) Half Time WT - Massage Intensive
description coming - stay tuned

|Spring 2018 Classes| 
Advanced Oil Work Open Lab - 10 weeks, Feb-Apr
This is for Foundation course and Winter Term Massage students who would like to have more practice time.  Open Lab allows students to attend massage demonstrations and have weekly open practice time at Piece of Quiet.  This experience has no additional content planned, rather follows the natural questions and learning that come from open practice.   Clean sheets and oils provided.  $150 per term.

Spring Break Retreat, Breath, Body & Mind
description coming - stay tuned

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