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Reviews from Massage Clients

"I feel more like a liquid than a solid"  ~ TSM

"The name truly describes this place. I emjoyed a fabulous massage (gift from my kids) a few weeks ago. Jill provides a relaxing environment and massage. Loved it!" ~ Victoria Schneider Kayatin

"Jill Blake. Jill. Blake. Where do I begin with this lady? I wandered into her studio my sophomore year of college, hopelessly bogged down in midterms, feeling like my neck was somehow holding my shoulders hostage. I liked her instantly. I've seen a lot of massage therapists, and a lot of good ones. But Jill has the kind of totally open, present personalitythat makes her a really brilliant healer. I saw her until I graduated, and I was never afraid to tell her exactly what I wanted or needed on a certain day. Sometimes I wanted to talk, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I wanted to work out all the kinks, sometimes I just wanted to disappear for a little while. She is exceptionally sensitive to these kinds of energies and requests, and constructs an atmosphere in which you know you are safe to feel or say anything.When you're swimming in an endless sea of papers, exams, and relationships, you understand the value of someone who is completely, non-judgmentally sensitive to what you need someone who won't ask you to explain, but justlays on warm hands full of kind maternal energy and lets your body breathe." 
~Kat Lee, OC '11

"I had a Tandem Massage; an hour with BOTH Alice and Jill working on me at one time! It was absolutely incredible. Words fail to describe how relaxed and elated I was on the table, and yet how invigorated I felt as I left their oasis of bliss. I recommend tandem massage at Piece of Quiet to anyone who likes to feel good. Honestly, after literally hundreds of massages in my lifetime, tandem massage (done by Jill and Alice, of course) is the BEST."  ~Penny Maroldo, Oberlin Resident

“I am absolutely going to recommend Jill Blake. I honestly needed this massage so much that I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’m so glad I was able to utilize this service as well. Being able to support local community business members as well as a college organization (CLHP) makes me feel so great as a student!” 

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