Piece of Quiet Studio - offering the art of quiet

Jill Blake

As a School and Public Health Educator, I have worked with a variety of populations.   No matter the setting, I have witnessed the success of these basic principles:

1.  Empowering people with skills, sense of community and an orientation to personal advocacy lead to sustainable vitality.

2.  Providing simple, easy to integrate stress management tools and ongoing support impact all areas of people's health and vitality.  

Piece of Quiet is a unique business model that integrates basic wellness principles of quiet renewal, practical skills, community resources, and empowering support.  In my practice, I offer wellness coaching, integrative bodywork, and patient navigation services. The perfect balance to client-focused care.

Before opening my doors in 2000, I earned a bachelors degree in health education and human biology, providing a basic framework for teaching and supporting individuals during time of stress and transition.  I have worked within public health departments, with children and adolescents, for non-profit organizations and in higher education.  In addition to my formal education, I studied through apprenticeship and coursework in areas of massage, mindfulness, bodymind medicine,  somatics and subtle energy therapies.  

No matter the type of experience, I continue the traditions of my Teachers; to teach, to empower, and to honor the circle of teaching and learning.

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(edited interview with OC student Claire Kotarski)


To schedule over email, contact me at  jboberlin@gmail.com.  If you prefer to schedule by phone, please call me at 440.935.0019

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